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C3 Soccer Camp is June 7-9, 2020  > Ministries

C3 Soccer Camp is June 7-9, 2020

June 7-9, C3 will celebrate their 16th Annual FREE Soccer Camp for boys/girls from 4-10 years old at The Linsly School in Wheeling.  Over 400 children spend three evenings learning basic soccer skills taught by some of the best coaches and players in the Ohio Valley.  They also enjoy skits, songs, stories and snacks.  Over 200 volunteers make this a safe and special event for the kids and their parents, who are welcome to stay and watch.


Soccer Camp has three main components, provided by loving and caring adults:

  • Soccer Skills
    We will provide approximately 45 minutes of quality instruction in an encouraging atmosphere.  The staff, made up of college and high school players and coaches, will teach the fundamentals of soccer while also emphasizing the importance of hard work, a positive attitude and having fun!

  • Spiritual Guidance
    We live in a crazy world and kids are confronted with choices today that many adults didn't have to face until high school.  The next 30 minutes of each evening will be spent reaching the kids, on their level, and letting them know that they have a God who loves them for who they are.  This will be a fun time including high-energy songs, funny skits and an important message at the end.

  • Food
    We will end each night with a snack, so you need to be alert if your child has any food allergies.  Before leaving, we check each child's wristband against the parent's ID card to make sure that children remain safe.  Whoever is picking up the child MUST have the card with them.  We will always err on the side of protecting a child, even if it means a small inconvenience to an adult.

All campers will receive a free t-shirt.  Campers and their families are invited to Covenant Community Church the following Sunday for the 11:15 AM worship service when the kids will sing a song for everyone.  This will be followed by a picnic, bounce houses, climbing walls, face painting and much more immediately after the service and all are welcome.

Call the church office at 304-905-9000 or email to receive a brochure.  

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