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John L'Ecuyer > Staff

Our Staff

John L\'Ecuyer

John L'Ecuyer

Communications/Assistant Music Team Leader

John’s main responsibilities revolve around church communications.  He creates the bulletins, handles all the postings on all social media outlets, creates much of what you see on the screens during the weekend services, and also helps run worship team rehearsals and provides general music direction wherever necessary.  Every week is different!

Fun Facts

Why is C3 special to you?

C3 has a great blend of traditional reverence for scripture and a contemporary environment. The people are very much like family, there is a strong focus on serving the community, and the leadership has a desire to see people grow strong in their unique relationship with Jesus.

Name at least two things you do very well. 

Music, fitness, detailed activities.

Name at least two things you don't do very well.

Reach out to new people, sing.

Tell us about one of the most fun things you've ever done.

Traveled internationally as a musician. 

If you had two hours of absolute free time, what would you do?

Rest on a beach or by a lake.

Tell us your favorites...

Color: Green
Snack: Chips & salsa, or granola/protein bars.
Drink (coffee, soda, etc): Water, Fruit tea
Candy Bar: Mounds, Snickers


Doubt is natural… Believers need to wrestle with the same questions that skeptics ask. Many believers "inherited" their faith and may have never asked these questions. Both doubters and believers have a moral and intellectual responsibility to examine their doubts and beliefs. C3 is a place that encourages this to happen. Learn more