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Summer Gatherings for C3

Posted 06/24/20

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We are meeting in person  at 10am at the Oglebay Amphitheater!  The following is information  we wanted you to have regarding what to expect if you choose to join C3 in person on Sunday.

What We Are Doing for Your Health and Safety

For your safety we have asked all staff and on-site volunteers to undergo a temperature check prior to serving and to wear a mask during the duration of their service time.  The only exception to this is the people on stage who will not wear a mask during the worship service. 

To the best of our ability, we are striving to create a touchless worship experience.  We have instructed our greeters to be helpful and friendly, but not to hug, handshake, fist bump or high-five anyone.  Bulletins will not be handed to you either.  Instead, when you arrive, you will be directed to the amphitheater and past a table which will have the following:

  • The Sunday’s bulletin- which will have printed song lyrics (you will need this to sing).
  • An offering box – since we will NOT pass an offering bag during service, please be prepared to place your offering as you enter the facility.
  • Self-contained communion packets – on weeks when we are scheduled to celebrate communion.
  • A C3 Kids coloring book – we will provide a sermon-themed kid booklet (and courtesy crayons) for our little ones since we aren’t offering C3 Kids. 
  • A courtesy mask – if you would like one (more on this below).

What We Request You Do for Other’s Health and Safety

Please do your best to maintain a safe distance from people during your time at the service.  Please don’t put anyone in an awkward situation by approaching them for a handshake when you may not know their comfort level with your contact.  Let’s give everyone space so that people can feel relaxed.  We want the focus to be on Jesus (not our different views points on hygiene). 

Because social distancing may be difficult to maintain while we line up to enter the amphitheater, we recommend that you bring a mask and wear it.  Once you have found a seat in the spacious amphitheater, please feel free to remove your mask, if you want, and prepare for worship. 

We are not offering any C3 Kids or childcare at this time.  We know it is difficult for children to understand these guidelines, so we are asking parents to please explain and apply these rules with their children.  

Other Questions

What about parking? There is lots of parking near the Oglebay mansion and stretching toward the garden center.  C3 Greeters will direct you from the parking area to the amphitheater.  I have attached a map of the area (below) for your reference. 

Are there ramps for wheelchairs and strollers?  If you would like to use a ramp rather than steps to access the amphitheater, please use the driveway adjacent to the Oglebay Mansion and look for the C3 signs for the wheelchair/stroller drop. 

Are there bathrooms?  Yes Oglebay has 2 sets of bathrooms available for us to use.  A map with their location is provided in the weekly bulletin.  For your convenience and safety, we will place disinfecting wipes in the bathrooms. 

How long will the service go?  We expect these services to go for 45 minutes to an hour.

What about the weather?  By 7pm on Saturday we will announce if we have a rain cancelation.  If we do cancel for weather, we will NOT have any in person gathering that day.  Rain cancelations will be announced on our website and through our text alert system.  To get alerts text C3 to the phone # 33222.

Is there C3 Kids or Childcare?  We are not able to provide these services at this time. 

Will C3 Online continue?  Yes!  C3 Online is here to stay.  We will broadcast C3 Online weekly so that people who choose to stay at home or who live outside our area can take their next steps of faith. 






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