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Who We Are

Who we are in response to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus:

It’s Not About Us

We want you to love C3, but not if C3 is in love with itself.  Church is the people who belong to Jesus, not the place where they meet.  Therefore, we want to live for others.  We will never be a people who make life about us, our church or our preferences.  

Bring Your Best

As followers of Jesus, we want to bring our best to all that we do.  We do this knowing that we will never be perfect and that life is not about a performance.  This value is about being passionate about the things that we do.  We will choose best things over good things so that what we do, we will do with all our might.  

Bold Failure Paves Bright Futures

We desire to bring our best, but we know that we will fail.  Failure, however, will never stop us from pursuing the mission that Jesus has for our lives.  In fact, we know that because Jesus is Lord that he will always use our mistakes to shape the future that he has for us.

Laugh Out Loud and a Lot

Joy comes when we realize that life in not about us.  It is faith in Jesus that saves us, not our track record, so we never want to take ourselves too seriously.  Because of Jesus’ grace, we are free to give our lives away joyfully.  

You Can’t Out Give God

In Jesus, we are the recipients of God’s lavish grace.  Jesus died to save us, and now we want to live in a way that shows what we have received.  When we give to those around us we are making an investment of eternal significance