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Ministry Partner Update: Tom Hammon

Posted: March 30, 2017, 1:11AM

Below is an update from one of our ministry partners, Tom Hammon. Tom has a long history with Covenant Community Church and Younglife.  He has impacted many lives right here in the Ohio Valley, all over our country, and all over the world by investing in teens as well as those who lead them. He currently serves as the Director of European Initiatives with Young Life and as if that wasnt enough, serves faithfully here in the states as well.  Supporting Tom and his wife Ninie is one way that we as a church continue to   "Invest in the World". 

Dear Friends at C3,

This short note is long overdue! Covenant Community Church is the ultimate ministry partner and holds a special and dear place in my heart.  Ninie and I are honored to receive your love, prayers and support. Thank you! I have been busy on a number of ministry fronts. Here are SOME of them;

First internationally;

I continue to mentor our Welsh director, Peter Rees. He is a great a people lover and strong follower of Jesus. Perfect for the job!  Through a lifetime of ministry and goodwill in that gorgeous country (much like West Virginia really!) he is one relationship away from just about any key believer in Wales, so very strategic. Time with Peter is a strong investment that will multiply over the years. Please pray…

I now mentor our point person who is opening four new Young Life areas (!!) in Mumbai, India...talk about exciting and overwhelming!! This mammoth city has over 22,000,000 (yep, 22 million!!) people piled on top of one another. The opportunities are endless. As are the challenges...please pray…

We are in the initial stages of crafting plans to develop YL in the "young offenders" prisons in the U.K. A successful model once developed will transfer to many in other prisons around the globe that are teeming with lost and despairing young people. We know these kids are precious in the sight of our Lord. We know there are kids there waiting for us to show up. This has enormous potential but as I said we is in the earliest stage of thought, planning and prayer. Please pray…

On the US side;  

I meet regularly with Mike Chilcoat who is the metro director in Western PA. Mike is gifted and eager and tireless. He is a delight to mentor, again a people investment that will yield enormous return over the years. Mike is a gift to the Mission of Young Life – a great young leader – with unlimited potential. Please pray…

I expect to also connect on a regular basis with Scott Berg, who many of you know, who is our remarkable West Virginia Director. The Lord has used Scott to lead the charge to develop Young Life all over The Mountain State. The growth of Young Life in WV is one of the truly thrilling stories in Young Life worldwide!

I continue to run a Friday training group for fifteen first and second year staff in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and West Virginia - bible study, prayer, life stories, ministry training. I love  them and am enlivened to give away the best that I have received and learned over the many years! Please pray…

I was honored to speak at two committee leader training weekends in the past months and four in the past year – as well as other training events - speaking to and teaching thousands of staff, leaders and committee members. Additionally I am I am on the development team for the new YL camp in Summersville WV. This will be a vital camping facility for young people in West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Ohio.  The natural beauty of the property has the grandeur of Frontier Ranch! A magnificent site, created eons ago by our great God so that at a time such as this young people might come to know the Savior. Please pray…

Thanks for your support, friendship, prayer and giving. Please keep it up!! It is such a delight to partner with you for Jesus and the Gospel. PLEASE PRAY!!

Because of Christ,



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