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Message Review: "It's Not About Us"

Posted: April 3, 2017, 11:56PM

Hello C3  family & Guest, 

I loved preaching the message this past Sunday entilted, "It's Not About Us" .  I think I enjoyed the message because I needed to hear it as much (if not more)  than anyone in attendance. Hopefully you were able to take something from it as well and reflect on the  “After Church Review Questions” listed below.  If you missed it or would like to watch it again  click here. 

I think this is an important message for us to remember because our default setting is set on selfishness. It’s only when we intentionally invest  in others and serve the local church, our community and the world that slowly but surely our default setting begins to change. Instead of looking inward to ourselves,we are able to look up to God and out to the world around us and live lives that are unselfish and full of generosity.  As we each take our next step of faith and look to Christ as our example, our attitude shifts from “it’s all about me” to  “it’s not about me.” This is incredibly freeing. It allows us to be who God created us to be and to be a part of something bigger than ourselves; something truly worthwhile and world-changing, the mission of God. 

How are you intentionally “Investing & Inviting” demonstrating that life is not about YOU? This week,  let's all take our next step of faith in Christ and intentionally invest in those around us and invite those in our community  to "come and see" and experience the power of Christ for themselves!  


Pastor Adam Mick

After Church Review Questions

Read Matthew 2:20-28 and Phillippians 2:-2-8

  1. Do you believe that our culture has an “it’s all about me” mentality?

  2. In what ways does selfishness show its ugly head in your life?

  3. Do you agree with Adam that when “it’s not about us” that we are free to be who we are without pretense or platitudes?  In what ways would that be true in your life? 

  4. What are some ways that you demonstrate that “it’s not about me” in your relationships?  How about in the church? In the community?

  5. Who are some people that you can intentionally spend time with to encourage one another to continually remember that “it’s not about us”?    

  6. Who is someone this week that you will intentionally invite to church, so that they can “come and see” that when life is not about us, it has so much more meaning and fulfilment?


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