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Joy to the World

Posted: December 1, 2016, 1:25AM


This past Sunday, Pastor Ted started our advent Series entitled “Joy to the World". If you missed it or want to listen again  click here.  Ted shared an amazing “one in a million-chance” story that encouraged us to take all that we know about Christ and to go share it with those in our lives. Even those who we often forget or think of as one in a million-chance people who would never come to church or believe in Jesus.  The story of Christmas is that Jesus moved into our messy and broken world and that He brings joy to those who know Him. Those of us who have put our faith in Christ know that if He can transform our lives that He can bring joy to anybody!  The joy that comes from Jesus isn’t just for us individually or just our families or church.  Christ came to bring “Joy.... to the World”.  That means everyone, even the most unlikely of people.

Do you have a neighbor, a co-worker, or a family member that you have never invited to church or even prayed for because you thought something like, ‘’they’ll never believe” or “they are too far gone”?  Instead, this advent season lets pray bold prayers and invite even the most unlikely people to come and experience Christ for themselves.  Let's intentionally and prayerfully consider who we are investing in this Christmas season. Let’s consider who we will be praying for and asking God to do a mighty work in.  Then let’s invite these folks to one of our Sunday morning services and to one of our three Christmas Eve services.  Not all will come but some will. Those who do come will see joy in the hearts of the people of C3 and will hear the joyful news of Christ that still transforms even the unlikeliest of lives today!  This Sunday grab a few Christmas Eve “You’re Invited” cards and prayerfully and intentionally invite those that come to mind.   

See you Sunday,

Pastor Adam Mick


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