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Calendar | C3 Garden Mass Planting 9:30am

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C3 Garden Mass Planting 9:30am

May 15, 2021
9:30am - 12:30pm

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Our C3 Garden provides thousands of pounds of fresh produce to our local soup kitchen every year.  Can you help get the garden off to a great start this year? Adults, children, experienced and inexperienced gardeners are welcomed. Please wear older clothes and shoes. If you have garden gloves, please bring them. 


The C3 Garden Mass Planting Day will be Saturday, May 15th starting at 9:30am

There are two ways to get to the garden.  There is a way to drive there through Bethlehem (see map below).  We are also offering a shuttle servie across the creek in the back of a pickup truck.  To catch the shuttle you'll need to park across from Stacey's Crossing Apartments (see picture below).  



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