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Doubt is natural… Believers need to wrestle with the same questions that skeptics ask. Many believers "inherited" their faith and may have never asked these questions. Both doubters and believers have a moral and intellectual responsibility to examine their doubts and beliefs. C3 is a place that encourages this to happen. Learn more


Here at C3 our mission is “To help everyone take their next step of faith in Christ.” Considering that mission the next questions are: how will we practically help everyone take their next step in Christ and where will we end up if we all participate in that mission.

Invest and Invite

How can we help everyone take their next step of faith? We will invest and invite.  Invest in what? We believe there are four key areas we need to invest it.

Ourselves: We take care of ourselves spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.  We do not have much to invest in others if we do not first invest in ourselves.

One Another: Only as we serve each other and help one another take our next steps will we grow.  

Our Community: God has placed us in this community for a reason, to show the love of Christ with our words and our actions.  As we build friendships with our neighbors, co-workers, etc., and work alongside those in our community to make it better, we build relationships and develop genuine opportunities to invite people to “come and see.”

Our World:  God has called us to invite everyone to follow Jesus.  As we participate in what God is doing around the globe we begin to see the world (including our own community) through a different lens. 

Investing leads to inviting.  When we considtenly invest in the four ways listed above, we discover that nothing is as exciting as following Jesus.  When you experience something incredible, your instinct is likely to go and tell somebody else!  Jesus is alive today and we want others to have an encounter with Jesus. At C3, we will intentionally invest in relationships with those who don’t know Christ. As we invest in others, we will look for opportunities to invite them to a community event,  to our homes, to coffee or to church.  

Exponential Impact

Where would we go if we all intentionally invested and invited? Exponential growth! Why would we want that? Because eternity depends on believing Jesus.  Therefore, we want as many people as possible to experience the life transforming grace of Jesus Christ by taking their next step of faith.  Imagine how many lives can be forever impacted if every person in the church committed to intentionally invest and invite.

If 500 adults this year intentionally and prayerfully invited one person a month, what kind of results could we expect? Following the cues, we can expect a much higher positive response than if we only randomly and sporadically invited people.  Conservatively, let’s say only two of the twelve ends up attending.  Of course, we pray that both would end up taking their next step of faith, but what if only one of the two joins our church in its mission?  After one year, we would have doubled the number of adults from 500-1000. This is not even taking into consideration their kids!  

The following year, if all 1000 of those adults also invested and invited (and assuming people responded at the same rate), we would go from 1000 adults to 2000 and so on!  

Look what would happen in five short years if each member intentionally invested and invited one person a month for a year and only one of them ended up joining our local church and Christ’s mission.


That’s 16,000 lives forever changed by the power of the Gospel!   As these people come, they and their family members will be encouraged and given opportunities to invest in themselves, into each other, their community, and the world.  They will be taught and encouraged along with all of us to increasingly invest and invite as together each of us takes our next step of faith. 

What would we do with all those people? 

We can’t fit 16,000 people in our church building and might not be able to fit 2,000, but that’s a good problem to have.   We welcome whatever steps we would have to make as a church if it meant that thousands and thousands of lives are being impacted with the grace of Jesus.  Perhaps God will call us to plant churches for an even greater impact in our community and region. Perhaps we will strategically partner with one of the many other great local churches in the area.  Only God knows for sure.  Until that time comes, we will faithfully invest and invite and bring our best to everything we do.  The results we will leave up to God who is in the business of growing us in steps as he advances his mission.


 God has changed history in Jesus.

Jesus has changed us.

We want to change the world for Jesus.