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3 Year Olds

Is a place of wonder and discovery where 3 year olds begin to grow in their walk with Jesus.  Here the kids are leaning the same Bible stories as the older kids but in a way that they can understand.  Kids learn and grow through the following elements.

Main Point

Every unit has a Main Point drawn from a Bible story that summarizes what your child is learning that day. This phrase is repeated several times during the lesson.

Bible Story

Every lesson taught in Sprouts comes from a story in the Bible. These stories are written specifically with a three year old in mind so that they can grasp the ideas of the Bible.

Bible Verse

Every few weeks we focus on a new Bible Verse that helps each child learn the truths of God’s word in a way the littlest learners can remember.


We use a variety of activities to give kids a chance to have fun and learn about God at the same time. If they are having fun at church, then they will want to be there - and that gives us the chance to invest more in them. If kids are having fun, they will pay attention and if they are paying attention, they will learn