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Church Governance

The Government of this church, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, is vested in the Elder Board, whose authority is derived from the body of believers who compose this church.  Only men who are members of Covenant Community Church and possess the qualifications in Titus 1:6-9 and I Timothy 3:1-7 may be elected as Elders

Throughout the New Testament, principles of church leadership point to a central theme: plurality. The church is to be led by a plurality of godly leaders. By relying on consensual agreement of godly Elders selected from the congregation, the church creates a healthy checks-and-balances of leadership direction, financial accountability, spiritual guidance, and ministry implementation.

C3 implements these biblical principles in its leadership structure. A strategy of biblically based policies and guidelines within its Elder board and ministry leaders guides ministry decisions and ensure that a healthy, God-honoring implementation of leadership and pastoral care is carried out. C3 has been blessed by more than 15 years of humble, godly leadership from an Elder board whose heart beats for the kingdom of God as expressed through the local church. We look to the future with confidence, thanks to the servant leadership this team of seasoned Christ followers provides.